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Welcome to your Proofing Gallery

This is a private gallery area for you, your family and friends. Select the appropriate choice between the two options.

Select this if you are the Family & Friends

In addition to ordering prints, you are able to mark photos private for viewing by only you.

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Email & Password

Enter your email.
Your password will be the date of the Wedding in the format of:

mm/dd/yyyyLOVE (uppercase).

Example: 02/14/2049LOVE

Clients will receive a password via email. This password is exclusively for you and should not be shared with friends and family.


Viewing & Photo Watermark

There will be a watermark to protect the images only when viewing.

There will no watermark on your ordered prints.

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Finding your Favorite Photos

Photos are arranged chronologically and further organized through the events of the Wedding day.

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Favorite a Photo

As there are going to be many photos to view, be sure to check off your favorites while you are browsing through the photos. This way you can save the ones you like. Then you can stop at anytime and resume later where you previously left off.

Be sure to enter your Email again prompted! You will be asked to enter your email the first time you favorite an image. Anything you favorite will be saved to your Favorite List. If you don't enter your email when prompted, your favorites will not be saved next time you login.

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Create Multiple Favorite Lists

With so many photos to browse through and potentially heart, you will eventually want to a convenient way to sort them.

To begin creating a list, click on the heart and red circle icon to reach your favorites list. You can also share your lists with others that have access to your gallery.

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Create New Favorite Lists

After clicking the heart and red circle, a small window appears and will present your current lists.

Simply create a new favorites list by clicking the link "+ Create a new favorites list" at the bottom.

You can rename and delete a favorite list anytime.

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Adding Favorites to the New List. 

When you have more than one list created, you will now be able to select which list you want to label your new favorite photos under.

When this box appears, choose the list to place your favorite image into with the favorite lists appearing on the right. This list is auto-saved.

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Shopping Cart

When viewing your Cart, select CHECKOUT when you're ready to place your order.

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Checking Out

Complete Billing & Shipping Info, Shipping Option and Payment Method.

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Forms of Payment Accepted

We are partnered with Stripe to securely accept most major Credit Cards, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Crypto Currency as well as PayPal.

You will receive an email confirmation after placing an order.


Proofing & Delivery

We're excited to send out your order!
We process orders immediately everyday except Saturday and Sunday.
Once printing is complete on our end we arrange for shipping and you will receive an email with a tracking number.

Thank you!