Los Angeles Ethiopian Melse Post Wedding in Korea Town

It was an exuberant and lively celebration for us to capture. The lovely Meron & Isaac danced and danced away with close friends and family. There was a lot of dancing and vocal celebration for the pair. This special cultural event began with the pair's wedding party creating the introductory entrance. Dressed in traditional and custom made Ethiopian wedding garb and cape, the newly weds marched extravagantly toward the stage, but before sitting down, they danced! Everyone on stage had their hands traditionally washed and food was served shortly after. Much more dancing would ensue throughout the evening.

Meron led the traditional coffee ceremony, sharing every pour with those around her. We had a chance to meet her lovely mother and some of her family, they were so helpful with guiding us and making sure the night was going as planned for everyone that came. The night couldn't wrap up without a proper final dance. There is nothing quite like a Melse celebration on the dance floor. We are so happy we were able to capture such a beautiful culture, the traditions and of course the lovely couple at the center of this story.

Mae Minh